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Riverside Animal Hospital, LLC, Your Veterinary Team in Bossier City

When your pet needs veterinary care, bring him or her to our team at Riverside Animal Hospital, LLC in Bossier City. Our team treats your pet with love and compassion. Using the newest techniques and advances in veterinary medicine, we provide excellent pet care. We are committed to providing pets with the veterinary care they need at our full-service hospital.


Preventative Care Plan for Young Pets

Young animals may require vaccinations and booster shots. Bring in your newly adopted puppy or kitten to give them a healthy start in life. We will devise a preventative care plan and vaccination schedule. Parasite preventive measures keep your young pet healthy. Learn the proper nutritional diet for your small friend. Learn how to provide your pet with year-round attention and wellness care.


Wellness Care for Your Older Pet

You may have adopted a kitten or puppy years ago, or maybe you recently adopted an older pet in need of a safe, loving home. Your pet needs a wellness plan. Our team performs pet dental care, urgent care, and emergency vet care. We want to help you keep your senior pet healthy, happy, and active.


The Importance of Annual Veterinary Exams

Bringing your family pet to the veterinarian can be stressful for you, your family members, and your pet. However, annual veterinarian exams are a vital part of pet care. Our veterinarian may detect an issue and prevent a small problem from becoming a large health issue. 


Vaccinations and General Surgery

Our animal clinic offers core and non-core vaccinations to keep your pet safe from infectious diseases. We will also customize a vaccination schedule for your newly adopted pet to maintain protection over the years. If your pet needs surgery, you can count on our team to provide quality surgical care. We perform general surgeries for tumor removal, tooth extraction, broken bone repair, and more.



When you go out of town, you want to make sure your pet is in the best of hands. That's why we provide top-quality boarding for pets. With comfortable quarters and quality care, you can rest easy knowing your pets are safe and comfortable. They are also within reach of the best possible medical care should the need arise.


Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian in Bossier City

We love animals and providing them with quality health care. No matter when your pet may need help, our team will be there for him or her. At Riverside Animal Hospital, LLC, we are here to provide you and your pet with quality health services. We are committed to helping pets in and around the Bossier City area. Contact us online or call us to see how we can help.