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Heartworm Prevention for Pets


Heartworms are a significant threat for pets year-round, and it's important to provide adequate screening and treatment services for these potentially deadly parasites. Whether you've just adopted a new pet, or you have a pet who has potentially been exposed to heartworms, you can get the preventative and treatment services you need at Riverside Animal Hospital, LLC, serving the residents of Bossier City, LA.


What Are Heartworms?

Heartworms are parasites that can be spread to pets by mosquitoes. The heartworm will then live and reproduce in your pet’s heart. These parasites spread heartworm disease, which can cause lung disease, heart failure, organ damage, and more. The disease can be fatal, so it is vital to protect your pet against heartworms.


Heartworm Vet Care

Pet owners need to screen their pets for heartworms when they adopt them and on a regular basis. If the pet has been living elsewhere, it's essential to have this process done immediately to treat heartworms before they can become a bigger problem effectively.

The screening process is simple. Our veterinarian performs a blood test to determine if heartworms are present. Depending on the test results, our vet will either prescribe a heartworm preventative method or recommend beginning the process of treating your pet for heartworms.


Heartworm Treatment

There are treatment options for heartworms that effectively eliminate them from your pet's system over time. If our veterinarian detects heartworms in your pet, we will provide a complete overview of the situation and provide recommendations based on your pet’s situations to ensure the best outcome.

There are options for pets to help them recover from heartworms and ensure they don't have the problem again in the future by giving them preventative care. If you suspect your pet may have heartworms or need to find an effective treatment to protect it, reach out to our team of professionals.


Heartworm Preventative Care

There are several methods that protect your pet against heartworms. The most common include oral or topical medications given to your pet monthly. There are also heartworm vaccinations available for dogs. It is important to keep your pet protected year-round. You can talk to our veterinarian to determine what method is best for your pet.


Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian for Preventative Care

Heartworm prevention is vital in keeping your pet healthy. Whether you have a new pet or have one already, your pet needs heartworm prevention methods all year. At Riverside Animal Hospital, LLC, serving Bossier City, LA, our team provides several heartworm prevention methods. If you suspect your pet has heartworms, visit our animal hospital immediately. We will treat your pet and ensure it stays healthy. Call us today to schedule an appointment.