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Annual Physical Examinations: Our pets age so much faster than we and therefore require more frequent veterinary visits to keep them healthy. As they reach their golden years, (after age 6 for dogs and 8 for cats), it is very important to perform yearly tests to evaluate their blood cell count, kidney, liver, and heart function. Call Riverside Animal Hospital today if it is time for these important tests for your pet.

Online Pharmacies and the health of your pet: Everyone has very busy lives, and with all our daily expenses constantly rising we are all looking to save money. The products you buy from or through your veterinarian are guaranteed to be effective, safe, and the company will stand behind the product when you purchase it through your veterinarian. In 2010 the FDA, (Food and Drug Administration), issued a warning for Consumers to be ware. Any pharmaceutical medication purchased from any internet pharmacy, human or animal, may not be the real thing. So always discuss your medication with your veterinarian or physician.

Riverside Animal Hospital LLC and most veterinarians are trying to keep our prices very competitive with online pharmacies. We work very hard to provide a fresh product at a competitive price. If you need convenience, we are now offering our own mail order service. This service is being provided with J.A.Webster a trusted supplier of veterinary products. Call your veterinarian before you place that order, you will be surprised!

Dietary Management: Good quality food for the current life stage of your pet is essential. Beware that all diets are not created equal. This is more relevant now that in the past, with the toxins that have been added to your beloved pet’s food. If you are concerned about your pet’s diet, call us for answers to your questions.

iVet Healthy Gourmet Diets are now being sold at Riverside Animal Hospital LLC. This diet line rivals every canine and feline diet on the market. If there are other life stage diets you prefer, we can order them through our new Online Store.

Obesity is a problem for pets, too! Did you know that your pets weight helps to determine its health? Overweight pets live unhealthy and shorter lives. Call today to see which weight loss program we recommend for your pet.

Summer Time in Louisiana is hot and humid. Be sure to provide shade and plenty of fresh water. If your pet is not accustomed to the heat, keep him or her indoors. Be careful with exercise outdoors, watch for signs of overheating, panting, weakness, vomiting and diarrhea. Also beware of hot sidewalks and roads, they will blister the pads. If you suspect overheating call your veterinarian immediately.

Flea and Heartworm Prevention: Both of these should be given year round. Heartworm preventatives not only stop the heartworm but also hookworms and roundworms. Fleas never die because they continue their life cycle where your pet sleeps. This area will allow the pesky flea to winter over and even hatch out and hop on your pet during warmer days. This cycle never stops inside our homes. For your pets health and your health, give this as directed year round. Call and ask what we have that will stop these on your pets.

ProHeart 6: Did you know that there is an injection for prevention of heartworms, and it will protect your dog for 6 months? Well there is and we have it. No more remembering to give your heartworm prevention every month and we will send you a friendly reminder when it is time to get your pets booster. So call today for more information.

Pain Management: Does your dog or cat appear to be slowing down? If so, he may be showing signs of arthritis. Call us for an examination and consultation on how to handle the pain of arthritis.


Asking The Right Questions About Surgery And Anesthesia

Whether you are having Riverside Animal Hospital LLC perform your Spay or Neuter; or you are considering another facility based only on price; Please consider the following facts.

Anesthetics: We use a mixture of injectable drugs and gas anesthetics which works better, in most cases, than injectable alone.

Be wary of inexpensive clinics offering discounted spaying, neutering, teeth cleanings, and other surgeries. They often are cutting corners to provide these surgeries for less.

Blood Test: Pay for the blood test. We are not just trying to pad the bill. The biggest risk is underlying medical problems. We cannot tell by looking at the animal if there could be a hidden problem. Discount centers will not offer blood test, and if it is an option pay for it. Yes we know that most young animals are going to be healthy, but what if yours is the one that has a hidden medical problem?

Monitoring Equipment: Every animal under anesthesia should have Heart Rate, Heart Rhythms, Oxygen Levels and Blood Pressure monitored during anesthesia. Ask how vital signs are monitored and what kind of equipment they will be using.

Pain Management: We provide pain management for all surgery patients, during surgery and will send home appropriate medication for your pet. Discount clinics often do not send home pain medications, ask them.

Post-Procedure Monitoring: Our recovery area is in our treatment room, so we can constantly observe your pet until he or she is sitting up. Ask the discount clinic who watches and for how long. Ask to see where they recover your pet.

(Spay and neuter clinics are Donor subsidized; donors give money to allow those who can not afford the real cost of spaying or neutering their pet to get it done at a reduced fee, still the standards are different ask the above questions before you commit)

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